Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The New Breed - Wants You

Here we have another pre-Eagles-pre-Poco-thing. The story begins in Sacramento, CA in 1965 when Timothy (B.) Schmit, Ron Floegel, and Tom Phillips, and George Hullin went by the name, the New Breed.
In 1965, the New Breed cut a single, Green Eyed Woman b/w I'm in Love which was quite successful as a regional hit in Northern California. The band's music mirrored the progressive changes that were happening in the music world around this time, and their single Want Ad Reader was, essentially, a New Breed re-write of Paperback Writer. Around 1968, the band signed on with a new label, Equinox, under producer Terry Melcher, who had the group change their name to Glad. Unfortunately, Glad did not sell particularly well, and in 1969, Timothy B. Schmit was offered the position of bassist for Poco. He accepted it and went onto record some of the most underrated music ever with the band. He became the replacement for Randy Meisner, who, ironically, he would replace again in the Eagles in 1977. With Poco, Tim released 11 albums. The remaining members of New Breed/Glad continued making music as Redwing.

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